Submission Guidelines

-- by Editorial Review Board, March 13, 2018

A. Types of submission

Management Review is a general publication in the field of management. We welcome Chinese and English article submissions which have not been published in other academic journals. We are especially interested in the following types of articles:

  1. scholarly essays taking empirical or theoretical approach to the field of management.

  1. critical reviews of specific articles or books.

  1. scholarly explorations which use case studies to solidify or advance a theory (excluding straightforward case studies for educational purposes, which will be published in special issues dedicating to teaching cases).

  1. Studies focusing on management styles and characteristics in the Sinophone world, including Chinese entrepreneurs and enterprises, management theories and methods specific to the Chinese-speaking world, and reflections on the Chinese perspective.

B. Submission Guidelines

  1. The word count of the article in its entirety (including Chinese and English abstracts, charts, graphs and references) should be between 8,000 to 17,000 Chinese characters or 6,000 to 12,000 English words. Those in violation of this guideline will be asked to resubmit.

  1. Please respect the anonymous review process and leave the dedications and relevant project numbers (e.g., MOST project numbers for Taiwanese Scholars) out of the main article.

  1. The author is responsible for final proofreading after typesetting.

  1. Please refer to the Submission Style Guidelines for regulations on article formatting; please also follow the instructions while documenting references.

  1. Management Review retains the right to revise the format guidelines of article submissions as it sees fit in order to maintain editorial standards.

  1. Management Review accepts electronic submissions ONLY, in order to ensure efficiency during the editorial and review process.

C. Submission Process

  1. Please send the PDF file containing the submission in full to Please use "Management Review Article Title" as subject line. Please put the author's full name and title in English and Chinese (if any), affiliated institution, and contact infor-mation on the cover page. With the exception of the cover page, please leave all infor-mation that may reveal the identity of the author out of the submission, in order to ensure anonymity.

  1. English manuscript does not require processing fee.

  1. The submitted article should be an original work neither published in another venue nor authorized for use to a third party. All co-authors must sign the Copyright Statement and Agreement which will release the copyright of the article to Kung-Hwa Management Foundation. We will not begin processing the submission until this step is done. Please fill out the Statement and Agreement, sign it, and mail the original to Editorial Department at Management Review, P.O. Box 174, Mucha, Taipei 11699, Taiwan.

  1. Please feel free to email us for further information.

Management Review is published four times a year. We welcome your submissions and look forward to your academic contribution.

Management Review Copyright Statement and Agreement (Download)