• Zhangmen Craft Brewery—Is FB Social Media OK?

Authors: Hsiu-Fang Chien & Cheng-Ta Chiang

Pages: 281-303


Publish date: 2023/01/01

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Zhangmen Craft Brewery was established in 2014. More than 300 types of craft beers of different styles have been developed, and 24 kinds of fresh draft beers are available in bar restaurant. In addition to continuous innovation, Zhangmen Craft Brewery is committed to creating a pleasant and relaxing drinking environment, so that friends from all over the world and all over Taiwan can enjoy a variety of beers and meals. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic in 2020, the national lockdown policy has become a contingency measure for various countries. Foreign guests cannot enter, and the original target disappeared immediately. Nationwide level 3 alert ban on indoor dining, so that the advantage of drinking craft beer on the spot is also gone. However, Zhangmen Craft Brewery still have a flat performance.

Through the adjustment of the operating model, Zhangmen Craft Brewery has survived the impact of the early epidemic, and then? The canned beer packaging listed on the market, and the development of the home delivery market is highly controllable, and it also can be implemented within the company. However, most operation of social media is based on the experience accumulated over the years to improve, but there is a lack of systematic analysis and optimization. In other words, how to check target market profile through the operation of Facebook fan pages? How effective is Facebook fan page? How to increase the reach and interaction ratio? How to convert reach and interaction into sale revenue? These are all unanswered questions. Can the fan page operation of the Facebook platform achieve these expectations?

Keywords: Facebook social media, Social media marketing, Honeycomb theory


Hsiu-Fang Chien & Cheng-Ta Chiang (2023), "Zhangmen Craft Brewery—Is FB Social Media OK?," Management Review, 42(1), 281-303. https://doi.org/10.6656/MR.202301_42(1).ENG281