• CHING SENG TONG Cosmetic Co., Ltd.—Own Brand Digital Experience Marketing by “Prefect Beauty”

Authors: Chiung-Hsiang Lin, Yi-Chun Lin & Chi-Ching Wang

Pages: 259-280


Publish date: 2023/01/01

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CHING SENG TONG Cosmetic Co. Ltd., a brand manufacturer has been established over 60 years, which specializes in lip and base makeup. Under the tremendous impact of the COVID-19, this makeup industry is looking for opportunities to develop its own business. Through the digital transformation plans supported and guided by the Industry Bureau, CHING SENG TONG Company rented the “PERFECT Beauty APP” with its own brand PureArt, optimized the digital platform with Virtual Reality technology, and experience the digitization of marketing; let customers digitize their try on experiences and simulate the reality of lip gloss makeup. It enables customers to strengthen their impressions for the brand, enhances the values of the brand, and increases revenues through the “isolated, non-contact” digital experience. This article guides students to analyze and evaluate the benefits of investment in rental digital experience based on case revenue information, and use the Discounted Net Cash Flow method as a feasible investment. On the other hand, the digital benefit of qualitative experience marketing is reflected in its own brand “PureArt”, the sustainable management of non-color cosmetics and skin care products of its own brand. This teaching case is an operation-level case. Through this case, students can learn the benefits evaluation of digital transformation investment projects, including the quantitative analysis of investment costs and benefits, and the qualitative self-brand benefits brought by the digitalization of marketing.

Keywords: Brand marketing, Digital experience marketing, The cost-benefit analysis of investment efficiency, Discounted net cash flows, Brand PureArt


Chiung-Hsiang Lin, Yi-Chun Lin & Chi-Ching Wang (2023), "CHING SENG TONG Cosmetic Co., Ltd.—Own Brand Digital Experience Marketing by 'Prefect Beauty'," Management Review, 42(1), 259-280. https://doi.org/10.6656/MR.202301_42(1).ENG259