• Hotelday+: Three Types of Innovation Strategy and Challenges in Design Thinking

Authors: Chun-Liang Chen & Yao-Chin Lin

Pages: 153-169


Publish date: 2017/04/01

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Hotel operators are facing the question of how to expand on existing market share and deliver satisfying customer service in an intensely competitive industry. As service innovation can be easily imitated by other operators, hotels must develop emotional experiences that not only meet customer requirements but are also novel and unique. The business strategy of the HotelDay+ chain is built on integrating local cultural features into guest experience. With its beautiful design and personal service, the facility has succeeded in tempting a growing number of people to indulge in light travel oriented around nature and culture. HotelDay+ President Dai has emphasized that the integration of ICT with design innovation must be considered from design thinking and emotional value. HotelDay+ will develop an interactive accommodation system that allows guests to book customized rooms for their stay, choosing elements such as the bedroom furniture, decorations, and refreshments. The ICT service deployment will also link company information systems with upstream suppliers and local craftsmen, thereby creating differentiated, innovative services. In this case, the design thinker President Dai was faced with a difficult choice when deciding to launch the creative ICT innovation project: whether to continue with profitable emotional services or to develop new ICT services despite their unfamiliarity.

Keywords: Design Thinking, Sensory Experiential Design, Design Innovation, Cultural Creative Hotel, Information and Communication Technology (ICT)


Chun-Liang Chen & Yao-Chin Lin (2017), "Hotelday+: Three Types of Innovation Strategy and Challenges in Design Thinking," Management Review, 36(2), 153-169. https://doi.org/10.6656/MR.2017.36.2.ENG.153