• Pro-luck Co., Ltd.—From Business Thinking to Win-Win Strategies

Authors: Keng-Ming Tien, Qianyi Wang, Shen-Min Chang & Cheng-Jen Huang

Pages: 151-175


Publish date: 2022/04/01

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After the conclusion of the first quarter in 2021, General Manager Chang of Pro-luck Co., Ltd. convened a regular business meeting to discuss with the various executives the current client and market situations and to devise corresponding strategies. Because Pro-luck is a part of the highly competitive agency industry, the company must satisfy the demands of both upstream clients and downstream retailers in order to reduce costs and increase revenue. However, unlike in the past, Pro-luck has adopted a value management system, allowing the company to obtain cost and profit information for clients, products, stores, and even different business models, as well as to formulate strategies and decide on new development directions. From the perspective of the management team, the company’s development path has been one filled with fierce negotiations and difficult decisions, whether in terms of business thinking or changes in daily operations. Therefore, the question of how to integrate value management system information to create win-win situations for Pro-luck, its clients, retain chains, consumers, and employees, is an issue that General Manager Chang is constantly thinking about.

Keywords: Activity value management (AVM) system, Channel service, Win-win strategy, Business model


Keng-Ming Tien, Qianyi Wang, Shen-Min Chang & Cheng-Jen Huang (2022), "Pro-luck Co., Ltd.—From Business Thinking to Win-Win Strategies," Management Review, 41(2), 151-175. https://doi.org/10.6656/MR.202204_41(2).ENG151