• Culture Innovation—Sanxia’s Indigo Dyeing Story

Authors: Ting-Ling Lin, Hsin-Si Kuo & Pi-Hui Chang

Pages: 127-150


Publish date: 2022/04/01

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With a heart full of passion, a young local person from the Sanxia district, who was formerly employed at a high-tech company, entered into the culturally rich indigo dyeing industry, establishing Blue Dyeing Workshop. However, once thriving in the Sanxia region, this art form, rich in humanistic value, is now facing a multitude of challenges presented by regional revitalization. These urgent problems engulfed this young person and caused him to agonize over matters of how he must convince people to be willing to participate in the cultivation, and the passing on, of the industry. In addition, he also wrestled the problem of how to ward off competition, and how an experiential marketing design that combines local features and indigo dyeing culture must be utilized to create a business model that delivers concrete benefits. This case describes the predicaments and problems encountered by Blue Dyeing Workshop in the various stages from its establishment to the integration of local characteristics; it outlines how the creator devised methods to solve problems, and how, ultimately, colleges, farmer’s organizations, young farmers, and other applicative values from the community were integrated to obtain a novel solution and create a cultural innovation-based experiential marketing design, thereby providing students with an opportunity to learn by way of thinking, interpreting, clarifying, and analyzing the related information and situations presented in the case.

Keywords: Cultural innovation, Experiential marketing, Indigo dyeing industry


Ting-Ling Lin, Hsin-Si Kuo & Pi-Hui Chang (2022), "Culture Innovation—Sanxia’s Indigo Dyeing Story," Management Review, 41(2), 127-150. https://doi.org/10.6656/MR.202204_41(2).ENG127